Tuesday, September 4, 2007

News:(TheStar) Nurseries to make way for UiTM campus


source: www.thestar.com.my

EVICTION notices have been served on some of the nursery operators at the Leprosy Centre in Sungai Buloh.

It is learnt that more than 50 houses will be demolished soon to make way for the construction of the UiTM campus building in the area.

The occupants of the Leprosy Centre claim that about 10ha has been allocated to the institution by the Federal Government.

Several signboards have also been placed in the area stating that the present occupants were illegal encroachers of the government land.

Green sight: One of the nurseries that is expected to make way for development.
According to notices issued by the Federal Land and Irrigation Department Director General, the occupants of Lot 2165 have to vacate the land within 30 days. The notices are not dated.

The notices undersigned by Mohamed Kamil Mohamed of the Federal Enforcement and Asset Section on behalf of the Director General of Federal Land and Irrigation were given out to individuals considered illegal occupants or trespassers of the Federal government land.

Sungai Buloh Leprosy Centre secretary Leong Chee Kuang said the notices were only served to the three nursery operators after they had stopped an attempted demolition of the former prison building at the centre on Monday.

He said they were shocked that such things were being done to an area that was created by the Government after the land was gazetted as Reservation of Land for Public Purposes under the Land Code in 1926.

“We were told that the land had been degazetted and don’t know when this was done and why it is being done this way.

“The centre is historical. Leprosy patients and those who have recovered from the disorder and their families are staying in houses and nurseries that were provided for them by the Government,’’ he added

Chief executive officer of the Kuala Lumpur and Selangor Chinese Assembly Hall Teng Ah Chai said they were taking up the matter with the government authorities and the demolition exercise on the houses had been stopped until a meeting was held between the occupants and the government.

“We feel for the patients, former patients and their families who have been staying and cultivating the land here for so many years and hope they will be fairly treated,’’ he said

One of the three nursery operators, Lai Yoon Kgen, 35, who inherited the nursery from his parents said he was shocked over the term encroacher used to describe him.

“I am disappointed as we have been paying rental to the Leprosy Council for the use of this land,’’ said Lai, adding that his Green Garden nursery covered about 0.4ha of land and that it was impossible for him to move out within the 30 days.

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